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Reccomended hikes/caches near Dunnvillle ON

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Heya. I am in Dunnville ON for the next two weeks. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for some must-do caches or some must-do hikes in the area. My travel range is about an hours drive (or a bit more if along the QEW - I'll be heading to Toronto for a day or two after New Years). My hiking range is 5-7 miles.


Any suggestions appreciated. Also if anyone wants to go on a group hunt/hike I would be interested as well.




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I'd recommend the 4 or 5 caches in the same tract of land near GCZVB4 - Marshall Memorial Forest. I'm not sure what took me so long to grab the caches in there, but it was a nice pleasant walk.


Another one to get while in the area is Ontario's oldest cache GC2B4 - Deer Bait. Again, a nice decently lengthed hike in a beautiful area.

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You could head out highway 3 to the east to fort erie and do the power trail there, about 10 or 11 kilometers, 45 caches, most about 5 to 10 feet off the trail, then of course how to get back to the car you left in erie beach. 5 more just got published, if you get out first thing in the morning you cold get 5 FTF. Bush's Friendship Trail Run, most difficult to find are number 37 and 40.


If you head north towards the QEW, a great place to hike is on the Bruce Trail. A good starting point might be Balls Falls Conservation Area. There are several caches in the park (including Ball's Falls GCA090) and many more along the Bruce in either direction.

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