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Maps onto Garmin Etrex20

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need to help please

I was given an Etrex20 for Xmas and it only comes with a very basic map so what to upload some more detialered maps


Looking at the Garmin website it appears I have a few options (for the UK)


1. upload a full OS Map pack for £199! (ouch) - a bit too expensieve

2. use Birdseye Satellite imagery (£21.99)

3. use Birdseye Select GB (£19.99)


My question is what is the difference between the Satellite imagery and Select - do i need both?


Are they good?


are they easy to use?


Is there a better option to download more detailed maps to work with the Etrex20?


total novice with this and I'm sure it is easy but seems very confusing at the mo!!


Many thanks for your help

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Before you do any of that visit talkytoaster.info, free routable maps with topo for the UK ... I've used them for many years and they are ample for most uses :)


But if you insist on spending money:


Imagery is exactly that ... a photo of the gound taken by satellites.


Select is a copy of 1:25,000 mapping ... your £20 doesn't get you much, just 600 sq kms


Martin, AKA talkytoaster, frequents the UK forum ... see here for more detail:



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i've downloaded the talky toaster maps and they are really good.


i also managed to buy the southern half of GB in 1:50,000 half price from Cotwold Outdoors for £40. You can get them off ebay cheap too.


i find though that the Select maps 1:25000 are the best though. 600sq km is enough to start with. i just download the bits i want.


hope that helps a bit.

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First step should be to check out those offered by talkytoaster.info

Download and install the GB (or GB & Ireland if you prefer). Once you've used them for a while you'll probably not bother with anything else...they really are that good. I use the GB contoured map in my Garmin Legend Hcx, does what I want it to do & I've no complaints.

Biggest tip...don't part with your money until you know exactly what you want from your new Etrex 20...

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