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I have read these forums and hear alot of requests in this thread and that one. I have not seen a thread polling the users (I may not have gone back far enough). In any case, here is one:


What portable format would you like to see the cache descriptions in?


Geocachers don't NEED to ask for directions!

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Shame the choices are mutually exclusive since they really aren't. Most of the choices are end-points where one (XML) is a conduit or a format.


I want to jam the data into my Palm (which I could

do more easily if I could get the database info via XML instead of having to grope the HTML output) but I have other reasons for wanting raw programmatic access to the data which would be easier via XML access.


So if I have to pick one (and I did), I'd say that XML solves more problems for me than "pure" Palm format since that allows programmers (like me) to write our own code to stuff it into the PDA.

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I'd just like to veiw cache pages on my palm just I do on my home computer. Just like on my monitor only smaller.


Right now, I can download pages in to my palm. But when I veiw them now everything is stacked from top to bottom.


- Lone Rangers

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....was not trying to be short, but then, I only had a few minutes to post.


Great news, Jeremy! I especially like the XML aspect of it in that will enable some of us programmers to help you out and develop tools that you may not have thought of. Hey, you are good, but the collective minds are always greater than the one.


When can we expect to see a beta of this? Do you need any help developing it? I know I am not alone in saying thanks for what you have given us so far. We know you have alot on your plate, but if you do need help, just ask.




Geocachers don't NEED to ask for directions!

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Use this application to clip information from the cache pages at Geocaching.com, formatted for the MemoPad application of your Palm.


The cache information will be cleaned up, and formatted to read nice in MemoPad. The content will be truncated to 4k, so it will fit one memo.


License to use is hereby granted to the GeoCaching community, released to the public domain.



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