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A big event in Ireland next summer?

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Well, I've moved to live in Ireland for a spell - Cork to be exact...


A number of friends have already said to me that if I organised an event here next year they'd come and perhaps spend a few days in the area (mostly friends in England and Wales who know me personally, at the moment). I've also mentioned this on the Irish forums and so far had a positive response from south and also further north of Ireland.


It's all very early days yet (both whether I'll be in Ireland that long, but this now looks likely - and also whether there's going to be enough momentum to get this going) but, say I go ahead with this, how many would at least consider a holiday in the Emerald Isle next year to attend such an event - or if you're already a resident, would you travel to County Cork for a Geocaching event? Indeed, if you also live nearby, would you also be interested in helping organise such an event?


Travel-wise - I do hope the Swansea-Cork ferry is reinstated, but things are looking a little rough on that front at the moment from what I hear on local news...


I no way do I expect it to hit Mega status - but I would like to see something a little more international, that a normal local Geocaching event would bring - say perhaps to bring a flavour of what a Mega would be like to encourage perhaps a future, more concerted effort by the folk of Ireland to bring a Mega event to this lovely Isle.


I also hope I'm not treading on any local toes in even considering something like this and would welcome local input & support.


Obviously dates would be very sensitive with the probability of three Mega events taking place in mainland Britain next year - like I said, very early days and just testing the water at the moment - nothing more.

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Depending on the date, I'd definitely consider attending! :) Last time I've been to Ireland was before I started geocaching, and checking the map nowadays I get a glimpse of what I missed out on, so I'd say the country itself, the chance to go caching and the chance of attending an event on the Emerald Isle would be three very good reasons to go back to Ireland! Especially since I haven't been to County Cork yet!


Greetings from Germany!


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I am already planning a holiday in Ireland. I hope to pick up a minimum of one cache in each county to cover my UK counties map. In fact that is why I am trawling the forums, to see if anyone has worked out a most economical route to undertake such a challenge.

But as for attending an event, if it ties in with the dates i would most certainly like to join in the fun in the lovely Emerald Isle.

We live near Southend so are hoping to try out the new routes from Southend to Ireland by plane. YAY.

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