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Is it possible to gift a premium membership anonymously?

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When you click that link on a profile where it says "Give a Gift Membership" it takes you to a form ready-filled in with your account name in the 'From' box, but you can edit out your name and put in something like 'Anonymous' or whatever.

The rest of the stuff you fill in is all private stuff about your card details / or a link through to pay by Paypal.


My guess would be that with that bit of editing completed the recipient would not know who had gifted the PM to them... but I can't be sure...


So it would be good to know aye or nay from Groundspeak: When you find out come back here and let us know!


MrsB :)

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I was told by GS to make a sock puppet to do it anonymously.


Thanks, I thought of that. Will need to make a new gmail address first.


You would think this kind of thing might happen fairly often. It shouldn't be too hard for the developers to create a way to do this without having to make a fake account.

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I realise this is an old topic, but for me still current... How difficult would it be to add a checkbox "anonymous gift" on the form? If creating a dummy email address, dummy GC account and donating the premium membership that way, is the ay to go, so be it, but it leaves a further useless email account and gc account...

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