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December 2011 Cachiversary Cointest

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We have a few extra geocoins left from 2011 that have been stacking up. So what better way than to give them away in a cointest? Over the next few months we here at Cachebox Geocaching Store would like to regularly offer the community a chance to win a geocoin or other trackable by answering clues to different trivia questions.


1 Year Cachiversary Geocoin Details:


This great coin is yet another great Chris Mackey design. Designed to represent the graduation of your first year of caching, this coin really stands out with intricate 3D detailing and inscribed text around the perimeter.


On the front of the coin is the following quote:


"The beauty of geocaching is that every day you cache holds the potential to be the best day of your life. Never forget that these are the good old days."


On the back of the coin is a famous quote from famous American essayist and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson:


"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year."


Each time we go caching we are reminded that each adventure is a new story in itself. With the advent of the internet and Geocaching.com we can create our own unique experiences and stories and share them with our fellow geocachers simply by posting a log entry. These stories are part of what makes each search a fun and enjoyable experience that we are not soon to forget.

Please share one of your favorite geocaching story that reminds you of one of your best days of the year. Share some details about what made this adventure one that will never be forgotten.


Coin that will be up for grabs during this cointest:






  • Edition: Antique Bronze
  • Measures 1.75" in diameter
  • Soft enamel colors
  • Intricate detailing on front and back
  • Edge text and quotes
  • Trackable on Geocaching.com
  • A unique icon shows on your profile when you log a discovery.


Here are the rules, regulations and details for this cointest:


What can you win?

A fully trackable unactivated 1 Year Cachiversary Geocoin. One lucky winner will have this coin mailed to their address of choice free of charge.


Who can enter?

Anyone and everyone!


How can I enter?

Send your answers to the cointest question below via the cointest contact form. Make sure to mention "December 2011 Cachebox Cointest" in your answer. Please include your Geocaching handle so we can use it when we announce the winner on this forum topic. Do not post your answers here! All answers must be sent via the email form.


Can we make posts via this topic?

Of course! We encourage everyone to participate with their own personal geocaching story.


How long will the cointest run?

You can submit answers until Saturday December 31st 2011, 11:59pm MST.


How will the winner be chosen?

Winner will be determined by a random drawing. The winner will be announced as soon as contact has been established. If no contact has been established after 3 days, another winner will be chosen at random. This will continue until a winner has successfully been contacted.


How many times can I enter?

One entry per person please. This gives everyone with the correct answer a fair chance to win.




Cointest Question:

From what school did Ralph Waldo Emerson graduate in 1821?


Good luck to all our participants. Remember, to enter you must send in your answer using the cointest contact form with "December 2011 Cachebox Cointest" mentioned in your answer.



Logan Wealing

Cachebox Geocaching Store

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Email sent, good luck to us all.

I remember the first time i took my wife caching. At the time she had not been bitten by the caching bug, so, I had chosen 2 caches along our route to ease her in slowly. One of these was a mystery cache and after taking the clues back to the car she realised that she knew where the cache was and after a 25min drive she quickly found it. I had thought that I would not push the issue and if she wanted to finish for the day it was ok..........she had us up till 1.30am and we had done a run of 9 caches in all. From then on there was no looking back :)

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Sent email on form.


On 11/11/11 my 11 yo daughter and I attended an event 2 hours from home that consisted of 11 countryside caches followed by an event get together.


We had spent a fantastic day together; the weather was awesome; we had found all but two caches.

We were in town at a park. Scored that cache; then walked back to van. Went to leave when a lady stops us. She pointed out I had a total flat tire. It turned out they were cachers, I recognized their name; they recognized my name. They took DD with them to finish caching and to the event.

I was attempting to find an open tire shop when another cacher pulls in for the cache. They give me name and number of a shop (they were local). As it is a holiday I hadn't had any luck. The number they gave me got me hooked up right away. By then my portable pump had my tire inflated, but I didn't know where to go. This set of cachers led me to the shop; and waited until the worker got there to open up and fix my tire.


By the time I was done it was dark; and the supper event was started. I get there and find my DD tucked in safely with the people that had taken her and two cachers from my town. They had taken her to the caches and even some other ones; fed her; and looked after her. Many cachers that didn't know us; just figured she was their daughter. Lol

That day was special time shared between DD and I. It also taught me or rather refreshed my belief that there are good people in the world. And on a day like 11/11/11 that was a wonderful thing to be reminded of.

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I started caching back when you could count the total number of caches in my county on two hands and have fingers left over.


My husband and I got the itch to cache on a cold December day in 2003 and went to find GCF1F, Rocky's Mom. Rocky is one of our first cachers in the area.


It was a lovely day, cold but with sunshine and the cache placement gave us a nice hike (briars not withstanding!) into quiet, secluded backcountry. I still have memories of standing in a sunny patch of woods, the sky impossibly blue...


No dramatic story, just peace and the satisfaction of a nice find left by a great cache placer.

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email sent! :) let's see if I am lucky...


story... well... my best day and a very funny story was mentioned here in the forums some times, and it was published in the online geocacher magazine! :)


we still laugh with what happent to us!!! :laughing: everything is true!!! here is the link where you can read it...


It was writen in Greek and english!




I hope you will like it... if you haven't already read it.... ;)

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I have submitted my entry. Thanx for this cointest...the coin is beautiful!


A favorite caching day of mine was 12 November 2011, when a couple of caching friends and I went out to Delaware and found 151 caches in one day! What a marathon that was...it was a power trail along the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, which is called the C&D Canal on maps (which I thought was quite appropriate). It was a very tiring, but rewarding, day indeed.

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My favorite caching story was when we went to look for a newer cache in our area. While going down the side of an embankment I slipped on a branch that had been covered by some dead grass. I did the slipping on a banana peal routine. No injury except to my dignity. The cache (after I got clear of the cloud of smoke) was up in a tree and to get to it you had to lower it using a crank. My favorite cache to date.

Thanks for the cointest.

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We have a winner!



Start Date: December 21st 2011

End Date: December 31st 2011

Number of correct entries: 19

Comments: Many people were busy for the holidays I suspect, usually we get several hundreds of correct entries per cointest.



Cointest Question:

From what school did Ralph Waldo Emerson graduate in 1821?


Cointest Answer:



Congrats to Fossillady who entered with the correct answer to the December 2011 Cachiversary Cointest.


A big thanks to everyone who submitted their answer. Also, it was great to see others geocaching stories about one of their best days over the years. Thanks to everyone who submitted.


Also - be on the lookout for a new cointest starting in January of 2012. It should up and posted in the next week or so.


Logan Wealing

Cachebox Geocaching Store

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