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Oregon and Dakota future?


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Pure speculation, since no one but Garmin knows for sure, but I would expect updated Dakota models and perhaps the Oregon within the next two years or so. The deal with a larger screened unit (Montana for sure and perhaps the Oregon) is that it takes more processing power to draw/refresh the screen. Currently the Tesio II is simply slower than the well developed GPS only chips and isn't exactly snappy redrawing even the eTrex screen with any detailed maps enabled. It's noticeably slower to pan and scroll than my Montana that's for sure.


My guess is that larger screened units may have to wait until the next generation of consumer GLONASS+GPS chip, one that has a bit more power to muster drawing/refreshing a bigger screen.

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I'll be willing to bet that those chipsets are already in development/production - the Russian Federation market will be too big for comanies like ST Microelectronics to ignore, and it will be cheaper for them to produce one range of "do it all" GPS+GLOANSS+WAAS chips than separate ones for each GNSS system.

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