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Getting new Cache published

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I entered four new GeoCaches on Friday and they haven't shown up yet. I understand that it takes a day or so for them to show up. Is there anyway to verify that they are pending. I am starting to worry that I didn't enter them correctly.



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I have the same problem...


I know a cache validation can take some time, but when I click on the link in "My cache page" on my new caches I can see them as before...


I can't add photos, I can't modify my cache, I can re-read it...




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They normally appear on your My Cache page but not in your hidden cache count until they are approved.


In the past I've been able to access them by clicking the link on that page. But sometiems I can't. Normally they send you a confirmation email that says they got your submission and then they give a link. I've always been able to see the cache and modify it before approval with that link.

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