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[FEATURE] Notification about changed final coords of mystery/multi caches


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... when the final coordinates of that cache is changed ...

It is my experience that the majority of the time when a cache owner has to move his puzzle, he does not update the additional waypoint on the website. There is approximately zero incentive for him to do so.


And don't get me started on all the cache owners that outright lie about where the final is :angry:

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I've never been in this situation. I guess if I was the cache owner, and for some reason had to change the final coords, I would probably post a note on the cache page so those working on it would know about the change. I wouldn't post the coords, of course, but let everyone know they had changed.


Now if I was the person who had worked on the puzzle, and wasn't aware that the final coords had changed, I'd be ticked!


Interesting scenario that I had never thought of.

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Users with corrected coordinates of a cache should recieve a notification when the final coordinates of that cache is changed (if they did not find the cache yet). It is easy to miss such listing updates and it could easily result in searching at the wrong place.


Rather than just puzzles, wouldn't it be a better idea to have a special kind of watch (on any sort of cache) that only notified people if the CO made a log? (e.g. a co-ord change; a temporary disable; etc).


This would be much more useful.

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I would love this...


But more so in a PQ form.


If you add a cache to a watch list, it will notify you.


Thing of it is... I don't really need to know if a cache has updated coordinates or not, until I go & search for it. In which case, I will download the new coordinates to my GPS, and the new coordinates automatcially come up when viewing with the iOS app.



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