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Geocaching Blog - Newfoundland, Canada

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Myself and Maryjane have a started a blog related to geocaching within Newfoundland, Canada.


The address is as follows: www.treasureislandcaching.wordpress.com


About the blog:


Over the years we have been contacted by numerous geocachers who were planning on visiting Newfoundland, looking for insight into the local geocaching community, suggestions on where to go, places to stay, and what caches to find. The interaction with these geocachers, combined with the friendships we've formed with several local geocachers, is one of the things we enjoy the most about this hobby.


Another great aspect of geocaching is the opportunity to explore locations that are off the beaten path and discover places that are not in the typical tourist guidebooks.


To this end, we've created Treasure Island Caching ...


This blog is intended as a resource for geocachers traveling to Newfoundland. Whether you're coming for a short business trip to St. John's or a month long family vacation traveling right across the island, we hope that this blog will be able to serve as a starting point for planning your adventures on the Island.


A secondary objective is to provide ourselves with a journal to document our own adventures while geocaching and exploring the cliffs, trails, and highways of Newfoundland.


Please spread the word and let us know what you think! Is there something that would be useful to include on the site? We're open to all feedback!


- Gilligan and Maryjane

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