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Table Mountain and Snakes

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Hi I am a tourist from Australia, sure we do have snakes but luckily I am yet to experience them close to me :unsure:

My question is... I will be in Cape Town for 7 Days and am going to possibly do the cache Harry Potter and The philosophers cache

Some logs mention Snakes so don't want to be a victim.

Also are these places prone to muggings, doubt it but it still is possible?

Finally, can someone recommend some amazing caches to do while in Cape Town, would really appreciate it

Regards and thanks


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Not sure why nobody has responded to this yet and it is always a bit difficult but let me give it a go...


Yes, it is snake season. In the table mountain area you need to keep an eye out for cobras and puff adders but don't be too scared, they act about the same as your Ozzie snakes. The cobras tend to get out of your way so are less commonly seen. Puffies are a little lazy and don't tend to go away very quickly. Just keep an eye out and you should be just fine.


Unfortunately there have been muggings on the mountain but if you are willing to walk around any large city in the world you probably stand more chance of being mugged there and not on the mountain. That being said, try not to carry large sums of money, don't draw attention to fancy cameras and the likes and maybe go with some other people.


My suggestion on finding the best caches is to search for caches closest to table mountain and then sort by favourite points. Each is different and it depends on what you want to find, how long you want to spend finding, history, interest, size etc.


Good luck and have fun though.

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Hi Akkatracker


Nice to see a visitor attempting a challenging cache like that. Do allow a good few hours to do the cache. Many of the locals have taken days to do it, one puzzle at a time.

I would hate for you to spend lots of time on it and get stuck somewhere along the way, so I will send you my cell number, in case you need help (I am living in UK now, so a SMS / text would be cheaper!)

I have never seen a snake on that area of the mountain and have only ever seen 3 snakes during 20 years of hiking in the mountains - I think it is safer than Oz!


Tough question, Cape Town is one of the best caching destinations in the world :o)

What sort of caches do you like? Tough challenging hikes and caving etc?

Tricky puzzles? Nice drives with not much walking but interesting views? A bit of history?

And do you have a car?


If you want some more interesting hikes, there are many Cape Town cachers who will be glad to take you on the more exciting routes!

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