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SUBMITTED - (19153) [FEATURE] Proximity Alert for Geocache


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I would like to put in a feature request for the iPhone Geocaching application that would be very useful, especially when on long hikes, trips, trails or chatting with other geocachers that distracts you of your original finding goal. =)


Feature Request:


Ability to enable/disable a built in (distance customizable) proximity alert for the geocache you are heading towards.


Thank you,


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I would like to see this feature.


PRoviding that we can turn on WHICH cache types we want the alert to be shown.


Ie... Alert for a nearby cache no matter what type of cache it is, or only if its a Traditional, or only Multi, Or only mystery. Or any combination of cache types.


If it was an All or nothing type alert for geocaches, then I would NEVER use the feature.


Simply... if this feature is enabled. Allow us to choose which cache types get the alert and which cache types don't.



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This has been suggested in User Voice as well. We are looking developing this for all apps.

We are considering the battery drain and how we could reduce this.


TexasGrill Chef's suggestion of enhancing notifications is also being considered (26418). These are both very development heavy and take longer to implement but we are working on them.


Thank you for your suggestions!

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I cant say that I am not concerned about battery drain.


Excesive Battery drain isn't a good thing. Not all the battery problems though are entirely the fault of apps though. Some if it just the way the iPhone/iOS opperates sadly.


However, for me it isn't my major concern. As I have several very portable external batteries for my iPhone/iPad etc...


I do accept the fact that battery drain is a concern for alot of cachers, and because of that I do support trying to keep battery drain on the geocaching.com app to an absolute minimum.


That is why this feature should be able to be turned on or off. Allowing a cacher to decide how much battery drain they can afford to live with.



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I would like to see this feature. It would certainly be useful to be navigating to a cache, a km walk away, and not feel the need to keep hooking the phone out my pocket to make sure ive not passed it!


I don't want an alarm that would trig as I was passing any random cache, just the one I'm heading to! Surely that wouldn't be any greater drain on the battery. In a way, would this not help battery life as the phone could remain locked until nearer the cache? I tend to get my direction, Start walking then lock my phone to try and save some battery, intermittently taking the phone out, unlocking, checking distance and locking again on the way. With an alarm, I would be able to follow a path with confidence that I would know once I was near.

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I would like to see this [configureable]feature for my Droid phone also. It would be great especially when bicycling! As for battery consumption, the major component that eats my battery when geocaching or anything else is my display. The display used 67% of my battery today whereas my GPS based app I was using used less than 11%. Thanks!

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