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Britains highest Geocache up for adoption.


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I placed this cache in May 2003 while I was on holiday, before setting 'holiday caches' were rightly stopped. I have managed to maintain it with a mix of personal visits and help from other cachers. I now find it almost impossible to maintain the cache to the level it deserves and was wondering if any cacher local to Fort William would like to adopt it, or even remove it and set their own. In the eight years it has been there it has had over 700 visits, many of them from foreign cachers. It is apparently in a bad state at the moment and will have to be sorted for next spring.

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Scotland's favorite (sic) cache! I'd be keen to look after it - it would fit in well with my other 'extreme' caches - but sadly I'd only be able to visit it every other year. I hope a suitable custodian is able to be found, and they're able to keep it going for another 8 years- and more! Good luck Postie and thank you for setting an amazing cache in the first place.

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Hi Postie,


Did you get my message the other day via Geocaching website? We did the maintenance back in October 2010. We have friends that own Achintee Farm (at the foot of the Ben Nevis Path) I visit Glen Nevis at least a couple of times a year. We would like take custody of the cache, we also have regular updates on snow conditions on the Ben readily available, so timing visits would not be too much of a problem.


Rob & Debbie

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