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COMPLETED (32652) - [BUG] Gallery Image names with national characters

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Hello, it seems there was some change made recently in the way international (accented) characters are being processed within names of the gallery photos. Previously (until at least December 4) the names (file captions) were processed the same way as logs - most accented characters were replaced with non-accented equivalents, except for those with acute accent (i.e. čťžýáé would turn into ctzýáé).


When I uploaded some photos to my logs today, I noticed that the full character set is now preserved, but, when looking at thumbnails, these characters are incorrectly displayed as HTML entity codes. Once the thumbnail is clicked, the name of the photo is displayed properly below the full-size photo. See below for an example - you can see that there are multiple photos named "Výhľady :-)" and you can see how processing changed from December 4 to December 11.




Additional question: is this a sign that you're actively working on fully supporting unicode characters across the website (i.e. cache listings, logs, etc)?

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