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Just found our No-L gepcoin today ..A BIG SURPRISE.......had seen them before as other cachers had been posting pics of them on facbook..never dreamed one would be delivered to my front door ..no return address...nothing...Thanks to whomever you may be !!!!!!....and Merry Christmas to everyone !!!!!!!



Groundsquirrel & Chunky Chipmunk


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Hmmm, an envelope sent to me by me in the mail. Where did I see that get mentioned before? And yes! I got lucky too! Thank you so much for this cute Christmas mystery coin! It's vwery touching to know that someone chose to spent a lot of money to produce a smile on our faces. If they haven't won the lottery, I hope they will soon :)

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Thank you so much, whoever you are. This Christmas season was amongst the worst I've ever had. The loss of my marriage, a pet, and other less important things, have left a hole in my heart. Receiving this cute little coin put a smile on my face and gave me another reason to remember that people can be so very kind.

Thank you. :wub:

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Thank you so much, whoever you are. This Christmas season was amongst the worst I've ever had. The loss of my marriage, a pet, and other less important things, have left a hole in my heart. Receiving this cute little coin put a smile on my face and gave me another reason to remember that people can be so very kind.

Thank you. :wub:

I feel for you, because I am going through the exact same thing. Just when I had reached my lowest point, and wondered if there was any good left in the world, this gorgeous little 'No L' coin turned up in my mailbox. You would not believe how this kind gift lifted my spirits, and gave me the boost I needed to climb out of the hole I was in. Thank you SO much mystery sender, your kind deed helped me so much xx

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We thought Santa left for warmer climates but a "Silver" No "L" arrived in the mail today Whoo Hoo !!! We were lucky enough to receive one of these earlier in the season so we will drop one at Geocoinfest in Colorado this coming year!!!! Keep your eyes peeled.... it may or may not be in a cache B)

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I too was fortunate and blessed enough to get a No L geocoin in the mail. It was pretty busy during the holidays so I waited until I had some free time and something interesting to post here. New Year's weekend I was finally freed up and could take the coin on an adrenaline-charged, high speed, high altitude adventure. As I do with other geocoins I receive or send out to travel, I took the No L geocoin to the Gold Coast Skydivers drop zone in Lumberton, Mississippi and made a total of six skydives from 14,500 feet with the coin. We did several formation skydives with other jumpers and a couple of wingsuit jumps. Due to problems with my video camera I only got three of the jumps on video: a 3-person formation jump, a 5-person formation jump, and a jump where I was coaching a student. The other jumps that didn't get recorded were a 13-person formation dive and a couple of wingsuit jumps. The student didn't want his jump video published, but I uploaded the video from the 3-way and 5-way skydives onto YouTube.


Check out the video here:



Here are a few pictures from the coin's two days in the sky...

The No-L coin on my skydiving rig and wingsuit before a wingsuit dive where we got out of the plane two and a half miles from the drop zone and wingsuited all the way back:



The No L coin on my rig before my last wingsuit jump of 2011:



The No L geocoin and the drop zone's Super Twin Otter jump plane before the first jump of the new year:



Thanks so much, mystery coin giver! I had a great time teaching the No L coin to fly -- and we didn't even need any magic reindeer!


Blue skies!

Model Citizen - Zero Discipline

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It's been a while since I've been around. So it was a big surprise to get a No L mystery coin in the mail a couple weeks ago. Thank you so much for sending it and reminding me to spend some time with my collection of geocoins again. Maybe I'll even look into some trading again...or who knows. Anyway, thanks so much for helping me recall how generous and special geocoiners can be :)

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I was clearing out my PT trade manager by opening all the accumulated PT envelopes & logging them received and discovered an envelope addresses both to and from myself. It didn't feel like a PT inside so I excitedly opened it up and found one of these great coins! Merry belated Christmas to me!!! Thank you!! It's a lovely coin. I will treasure it. :wub:



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I went to the mailbox and pulled out an envelope that had the indentation of a coin. Oh boy one of my football winnings. I turned it over and to my surprise it was from me to me. That envelope didn't make it intact to the house. LOL Thanks so much for sending a silver No L coin! I can't thank you and your generosity enough!!


BTW that tape you use is something else to pull apart! :lol:

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Although this is way, way, way late, I too was a lucky recipient of this clever coin. And it was an absolute total surprise, too -- totally made my day, and made the whole family chortle. Thank you, mystery coiner, for a very punny Christmas. : )


I hope everyone's holiday season was awesome and may you have a wonderful New Year!

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WOW!!! today I received a silver Noel coin!!!! I was so surprised!!! I had the gold version so now I have both!! I am soooo happy!!! The funny is that my mother took the letter and asked my father why I send a letter to myself and if something is wrong with me...! :laughing:

I knew it was a mystery coin and I was so happy!! I opened the letter and saw the Noel coin! I went to the box I keep my coin and tried to find the first one..but at first I couldn't!!! to be honest I started thinking if I was the one who send it to me!!! :laughing: then I saw it in the box! :D


Oh thank you sooooo much my mystery friend!!! It is a great honor for me! and by that coin I learned something else too... I didn't know that noel is an other word for Christmas! :)


I will treasure both of them and they will stay in my collection for ever!!! thank you!!!!! :D

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Well that was fun last night. I got home at the usual time from work, also in time to clear the driveway for Ki as all she had to do was pull in, then went for a walk to the mailbox.


Low and behold there was a bubble wrapped mailer to Ki from herself (note: my name wasn’t on it). I chuckled on the walk home and getting into the house I dropped the mailer on the counter and call out “Mail for you”. As she came around the corner into the kitchen I dropped the other shoe “From You” :rolleyes:


Well what I got was a puzzled look similar to the one she had when we received our gold “NO L” then it started to register. She commented that when I or We got these it was a mystery coin to which I replied “Don’t know until you open it”. “But it’s for me” was her next comment and I replied “But we do share the coins” “Right” was the reply but I think the tone in which it was said had a different meaning then I was hoping for :blink:


Anyway to make a long story short she opened up the mailer pulled out a Silver “NO L” coin and had a grin from ear to ear, it will be difficult to pry that one out of her hand but she has agreed to give me visiting rights every once in awhile of course under strict supervision :huh:


Many thanks to “OUR” Mystery Giver the coins will be displayed proudly side by side B)

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Someone was kind enough to send one of these lovely and clever little pieces of Christmas Cheer to the Vanelle house this holiday season. Wow and THANK YOU!!! The generosity of mystery coiners is extremely heartwarming. Thank you.


I am so sorry I did not check in sooner - I was caught off-guard this holiday and required a surprise/emergency oral surgery which pretty much took me down for a few weeks.

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Just days before Christmas I sent a package to myself. I have no recollection of this event, but the docs all say that with a little coin therapy I will have a complete recovery; I'm just not sure that I want to.

I do apologize for my delay in posting and am very much thankful for the generosity and for the smiles and cheer you've spread. I only wish you had been present for the a-ha moment, it really was priceless.

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Sorry I have been a bit slow to post about it (very busy work period, plus away camping for 2 weeks), but I also received a fantastic No L geocoin over the Christmas period. Thank you very much whom every you are!!!


I am so glad others worked out what it was early on and that I had seen it before I received my coin, otherwise I might still be scratching my head! :laughing:

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I thought you might like to know that after the holidays were over, I was invited to a tea and everyone was asked to bring a special gift they received over the holidays. Guess what I brought. . .yep, my very special No L Geocoin. Out of 35 ladies there, only 2 others (besides me) knew what Geocaching was. You can imagine the questions I got after passing the coin around. :) Again, my heartfelt thanks for your generosity of this surprise gift.

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Wow, I thought No L had made the rounds and come and gone. : ) I received a gold No L coin today, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

Last monday I called in sick to work with stomach pain. On a whim, I went to see my doctor at around noon. By 1 I was in the emergency room, and at 9 that night, I had my appendix removed.

Last week was such a crappy week with being tired all the time and nausea and pain, and not really being able to take anything for it because it was making it worse. Then this weekend a new set of complications arose as a result of the surgery. All over again.

You cannot imagine how much it cheered me up to receive this coin today of all days. I will remain true to my word, and as soon as I am well enough to get the pigs out to visit for awhile, we will post some cute piggy-No L pics!

Thank you so much, mystery sender!

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Well colour me happy :anicute:

Today I received a padded mailer addressed to me from me, I had an inclining as to what was

in it as one of the little helpers contacted me asking if I was one of the lucky recipients

first time around and had not posted ( those who know how slack I am would ask the same) :anibad:

So this would be the 2nd generous No L coin sent to me and I am over the moon! :wub:

Thank you Mystery Giver for your generosity not once but twice.

Tho who knows where the first ended up, some mail persons pocket maybe ? :)


Should the first one ever turn up I will be happy to follow instruction on what to do with it ^_^


As always get a little give a little so I shall be digging in my coin surplus and running a comp shortly!


Thanks again!

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