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Netscape v Internet Explorer Forum Login

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Don't know if this is a "bug" or not . . .

Not wishing to "roll over" for Bill Gates et al., I've remained with Netscape as my browser and had no problems with registration and access to all areas of geocaching.com and Groundspeak. This is with a Compaq Presario laptop.


However, my wife has a newer Compaq Presario desktop on which she uses Internet Explorer as the browser. I have tried several times during the past week to log in (with IE) to our personal Cache Page at geocaching.com, as well as this Groundspeak forum, without success. I keep being informed that our user name/passowrd combination is not recognized.


Does anyone have an idea about what might be wrong? It is no "biggie" because access is still readily available via Netscape, but it is an annoyance when using IE. Just wonder if anyone else has had this problem?

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