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Great Caches in Paris


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Hello french community!


I don't speak french, but I hope it's alright to communicate in english for this one thread! I'm posting it here, because I figured the natives probably know best!


We're planning a winter holiday in Paris and I'd like to get to know some great caches in the area that are really worth doing.


I'm not searching for the typical sight-seeing caches, as we've been in Paris before and already visited most of the tourist-places and considering the huge amount of caches all over Paris I'm not sure where to start.


So what we are asking for, are those caches that lead you to special places you'd probably not see if you'd be going on a general vacation in a well-known city. Those that are even interesting for someone who lives there.


Of course, I wouldn't mind doing one or another cache in the big places as long as they're not crappy film canisters <_<



So, recommened me some great Caches in Paris please!

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Hello Biquidou, thank you for replying to this topic. I am not sure though what your intention was by posting the link to that map. I see it's all the caches of Paris, but I can also see those on the general geocaching-map on here?

I'm wondering which of these are really memorable and worth doing. Of course we cannot at all do all of the caches, so we'd like to have some good ones!


Also, when we were in Paris in 2009 we stumbled over some sort of green area/woods which was a really nice place. We do not remember it's name or where it was exactly and couldn't find it on the map yet. But it was quite west of Paris. Here are some pictures:







Does anyone know this place? We'd like to come back this year and see if there are any caches around.



Still looking for recommendations!

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Hallo Kochibu,

maybe the place is "Bois de Boulogne", a park at west of Paris. There are several caches in this park, for example :




I recommend 3 caches located on the "petite ceinture", an old abandoned railway inside Paris. It's normally forbidden to go there, but there is a kind of "deal" with walkers and tourists (you must find one of the entries of this closed place)





Just for fun, a very very small street :



A "secret" and relaxing place : http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=39ecd178-fbe3-46c3-843f-690d895bc70e


Another funny cache to do by bike :-)



Finally, some caches in the nice woods of "Vincennes" :





Don't hesitate whether you need more details.






Le blog du Tof : http://tofgeocaching.wordpress.com

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The link was to help you to visualize and sort caches in Paris...


In addition to the previous answer from Tof:


- Bonjour de Paris (http://coord.info/GCHJA0). I can arrange for the webcam capture, just mail me if you are intersted in.

- Liberty's Flame (http://coord.info/GC63DB). The oldest in Paris.

- Who is She ? (http://coord.info/GC6612). The more visited cache in France.

- Les crapauds de l'obélisque de la concorde (http://coord.info/GC1MN5Y). An educational view of this monument.

- 11. Treffen der Dürener Geocaching Junkies (http://coord.info/GC37NCB). If match with your winter holidays ?

- Etc.


I'm also forwarding your request to:

- http://forum.geocaching-france.fr/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=547

- http://france-geocaching.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=544




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Merci bien, TofLaBeuze and Biquidou!


The park really is Bois de Boulogne! Yesterday evening when I got home from work my girlfriend told me she thought she found it and you just confirmed it! Great, we'll definitely visit that park again! Vincennes seems to be quite pretty as well!


And we've actually also seen that small street the first time, I totally forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder!


The railway seems like it could turn out to be a great adventure :yikes:


We'll also take another detailed look at the other caches recommened!


Also, I got an e-mail saying this part of the forum wasn't very active, so another time "Thank you!" for making the french community know about this topic.


Keep it coming! :lol:

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We are back home from our Trip!


Thank you again for the recommendations, we did quite some of them. Our favourites were probably "BB#3 - The Cave" and "Butte Aux Canons"! :anicute:


The petite ceinture, while not a beautiful place at all, was interesting :grin: and in tourist-mode we enjoyed the walk through the Heart of Paris too :laughing: I think it was a good mixture of unusal trips and those that should be made anyway at the obvious places.


Merci pour les caches!



a little bit of stats:


18 caches found, 7 DNF


12 traditional (+7 DNF)

1 Multi

3 Mystery

1 Virtual

1 Earthcache


Left 6 TBs in Paris

Took 2 TBs with us

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Happy that you enjoyed ! The "butte aux canons" belongs to a friend, I will tell you :-)

Indeed, the "petite ceinture" is more an interesting place than a beautiful one. I saw that you also walked into Père-Lachaise cemetery, a nice location.



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