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Dakota 20 or Etrex 30


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I lost my Vista HCx and my Colorado is a bit too bulky for me. Small size is more important. I was thinking of getting rid of the Colorado and replacing my HCx but I see there are some new units out.


Points that are important to me.


1. Small size (both seem about the same)


2. Long battery life. I know my HCx was good for the stated 25 hours but I'm not sure if I believe the stated 20 hours on the eTrex 30.


3. I've never used a touch screen so I wonder how it compares to the buttons on the eTrex 30


4. I found the HCx to be perfectly adequate using City Navigator maps.


5. I mainly just use it for bush walking and finding my way around. Not into geocaching.


6. I'm wondering if the new eTrex 30 still has the same rubber surround falling off due to the glue melting in warm weather problem.

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