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December 2011 Photo Competition

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Thanks to Haggis Hunter for choosing my photo for the November competition. :D


I think there's some festive thing happening soon, so the theme this month is "Caching in Winter and/or at Christmas". See rules below.


Note: The judges will look aghast at someone managing to get the traditional robin on a snowy ammo box! Something original pleeeease! Pics of cachers unwrapping expensive new GPS units under a tree will not impress just cause envy! The first snow of the year is on the Cumbrian Fells, so winter has definitely arrived (at least in the north!). Waterproofs, hats, gloves and torches at the ready, get out and ... cache, with your camera of course! B)

(Ps. any really good pics welcome even if they don't exactly match the theme)


Good luck and have fun!



The rules are the same as those used in previous months.....

1) The photo must be cache related and to do with a specific UK cache (any type including events), caching series or caching trip - please include a link to the cache or the GC.... code so we can see where the picture relates to.

2) Max two photos per caching team or cacher. (Maybe 3 if you really have an extra pic that's great!)

3) A new thread is started each month, with the OP stating these rules.

4) The winner each month is decided by the winner from the previous month - the new winner starting the thread for the subsequent month. They may set a theme if they wish.

5) Photos should be recent. Higher credit will be given to photos taken in the current month.

6) The competition runs from the 1st of the month, until a date specified in the OP by the previous months winner. This should give sufficient time for the winner (or other person if necessary) to start the new thread.


If you haven't already uploaded a photo, a good tip might be to upload it to one of your log entries (it can just be 'post a note'). Then, view your log (not the cache page) click & display the photo, then copy the URL to provide a link. If it's not actually relevant to the cache you've used, delete the note and the photo - the URL will still work. On this forum, add a reply and click the small green tree icon above the text box and paste in your URL.

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well it nearly Christmas , and its deferentially winter


this photo was taken at PINK WOOD in somerset on Wednesday 14th December 2011




only problem was , we had to log a DNF .. micro #1 is missing , but we still enjoyed a walk around the whole wood back to the car ( we will return when its back up and running )

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As my camera seems to have died, took this one yesterday on my phone, sorry about the poor resolution (I'll have to learn how to use it :D )

Unsurprisingly, the picture doesn't convey the feeling of relief as the hailstorm let up for a few minutes.

Taken while attempting a pretty large (34)series, this was at GC2X90K, after #19 we gave up for the day :)



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Well here we are in another year so time to finish December's Competition.

Thanks to all those who entered, some very nice pics covering a range of places and styles.


Never easy to pic one out, but that's the nature of competition! So without further ado, I'm going to select Pink Wood by little-leggs. A slightly off-beat composition but it really captures the movement of the falling snow, and the cold, bbrrrrr!


Lets hope 2012 is also a good year for caching pics.

Happy New year! :D

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