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Feature request - (non-Elitist Filter)


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Having grown tired of still being subjected to people digging up and carting around the dead horse, the aroma of its rotting carcass permeating the forums, I think it would be nice to add the feature where these type of posts are automatically filtered out for Charter Members.


Now, if you can't tell a tounge-in-cheek post when you see one, well go ahead and call me an Elitist, I won't see it anyway since the new filters will remove it for me... icon_biggrin.gif



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Originally posted by Jeremy Irish:

That is the Elite Charter Membership, coming for $30/month and available soon.


(Heh. Just kidding. Notice how everyone latches on the $30/yr to make their point?)




... But then again ... The Grand Exalted Potentate Membership ... for $30.29/yr plus a one time setup fee of 2 AA's ... was a bargain IMHO icon_biggrin.gif



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Being a user of infopop software myself, I am aware that these forums have a 'censored word list' which will automatically strike out words deamed offensive by the administrator.


So, along the lines of my first post in this thread, how about adding the word elitist to the offensive word list? icon_wink.gif


Now its even being used in the 'protection' thread against those expressing opinions on gun control...




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