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What is the most you have paid for a coin?

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Just curious on how obsessive some have been to obtain one of their prize coins. What is the most you have ever paid for a coin? How much would you pay for the favorite coin which has eluded your collection? The most I have spent on a single coin is $26.00 so far. However, I could see possibly paying as high as $50 or more for a "must have" coin.

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I can't remember the exact price but I paid 80 - 100$ for a few coins that were sold as fundraisers for the earthquake victims such as the artist editions of the "Year of the Rabbit" and "Maple Leaf Netsuke" and for "New Worls Order" 2tone but of course this was something else.


Beside that I paid arouind 60€ for a Tranquility coin that I really wanted to add to my collection!

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So far the most I've spent on a coin is about £20 (I think for a Blue 2008 Earth Turtle), which is probably about the maximum I'd want to spend.

If the coin was harder to get I might go up a little higher, but I don't think I'd need a coin badly enough to spend hundreds on it.


If I remember correctly the highest I've seen a coin go for was around $500 :o

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The most I have ever spent on a single coin is $80. But I have made trades of multiple coins for a single coin that probably would be worth more than that. I was once prepared to spend $100 for a coin (Gele Bussie), but the final price was over that.


I remember a few years ago seeing a set of 3 coins sell for over 700 euro, but that was also a fundraiser.

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I think i've spent at most $55 for a Skullduggery Geocoin. The coin was going for $70 to $90 at the time and i finally got a good deal on it. Took a few weeks to finally get that price. I do have a list of must haves but i fight hard to find the best price possible.


Spent $51 on a AS Space Gate Geocoin. It was going for as much as $60 or $70 on ebay. But i set my limit at $55 and eventually got it.

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