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While it's not impossible that one truly is a wolf/dog hybrid, 100% of known "wolf dogs" or "half wolf dogs" or "wolf x dogs" are actually just... dogs. Typically it's husky (sometimes malamute) x german shepherd. But a husky x GSD is worth £300, a wolf x dog is worth a grand or so.


A bit like how a collie x labrador went from being a £50 mongrel to a £800 "collador". I'd put good money on a DNA test showing it's just a crossbreed :)



My dog is coming with me for caching - staying in the car for short ones, or coming out for any with a walk.


The main thing with most dogs is to be confident, firm but not aggressive. Unfortunately, anyone who's nervous of dogs finds those things hard, I do wish people would train their dogs, gives us all a bad name else. And I love dogs but I'd only expect a dog to jump up on command - a 30kg lab jumping up on someone can be dangerous, no matter how much of a dog lover that person is!


There should be a range of rabbit scenting products to pop on caches so we can get our dogs to find them :D



Oh also, the llama story is brill! Llamas are awesome, but I think even I'd be a bit shocked for a minute if I happened upon one while out walking one day!

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