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Montana compass

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The Montana compass doesn't seem to work if you have lost satellite signal. It displays the press to calibrate message and doing a calibration doesn't seem to make any difference. As soon as you receive a satellite signal again the compass works. My 60CSx behaves as I would expect with the magnetic compass working irrespective of the satellite signal. If anyone is running pre beta firmware and could test it out. I would be interested to know if this has crept in with a beta.

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This might be an issue but I can't think of when I wouldn't have some kind of sat lock to make the compass work. If you're out of doors you should never be without at least some sat coverage.


I agree. It just seemed odd. I don't get sat coverage in the house which is where I came across the issue. At first I thought it was interference, but the 60CSx worked fine. Like you say, I don't think its a problem I just found it strange as the magnetic compass is totally independent of the GPS as far as I am aware.

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I personally NEVER will again load a beta version of a firmware update. That is suicidal. I've done it in the past with my Oregon 400t and always had problems. I will always wait until a final firmware version comes out before updating. Of course for those of you who live in the U.S., returning your unit wouldn't be an issue, but for me in Japan, it would cost me $60 to send it in, then another $90 to have it shipped back (they don't ship to Japan so I would have to have them ship it to my FL address and then have it sent from there). Then when it arrives, I would have to pay Japanese import taxes on it because it would be shipped as a new unit. Lots of risks involved for expensive toys purchased online and shipped overseas, so I can't take chances. I know that beta versions are troublesome, so I avoid it like the plague. Good to read here on what's going down with new updates.

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I am totally opposite and do not hesitate to take advantages of beta releases. The only exception being when I know the company concerned releases beta software which could really be classed as pre-alpha! This is very rare among large reputable companies similar to Garmin. Some software never comes out of beta as it is in constant development. But that doesn't mean it is released as unstable. I have been involved in official testing of both hardware and software for over 20 years in both beta and alpha phases of development and never had the sort of problems you seem to have had with your Oregon. Although I have only had my Montana for a few weeks, I have had two beta updates which have done nothing but enhance its operation. But beta software is usually supplied with a disclaimer which is really just a way to cover themselves legally. In my opinion your more at risk with first official releases of software than followup versions which is effectively what these beta releases are.


If an item is sent away for repair to another country form here in the UK and the repair is free of charge, then we are not charged any import duty. I suspect most countries work in a similar way. Just a quick quote from our HMRC guide.


No duty and VAT will be payable if the goods have been repaired free of charge and you can provide a copy of the guarantee/warranty agreement to your shipping provider for presentation to customs.


If you have to pay for the repair, duty and VAT will be charged on the repair costs only

If the goods have been replaced free of charge under guarantee or warranty, no duty is payable if the goods have been replaced free of charge under guarantee or warranty


However there is a bit of an exception. If the unit is replaced for a new one which is unlikely for a software lockup, then here in the UK we would have to pay VAT on the value of the replacement item, not import duty. For us that would be at a 20% rate. I believe the equivalent in Japan is 5%.


I would be very interested to know what serious issues you had with all the beta updates that you made with your Oregon.

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If you want I sent you an older FW version.


Actually I like the Beta's, they work most of the time and if it has big error they release a new one after some days.

Also this system makes that your gps makes leaps forward in a short time, because thousands of people is finding errors faster than a few in a lab setup.

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