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Magellan explorist GC set up ( Wrexham)


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I'm assuming you to be using Windows. If you use another OS, the directions may need to be altered.


1. Ensure that your PC and GC are powered on.

2. Ensure that your PQ(s) are downloaded, and unzipped into a folder you can find. (I use a folder on my desktop.)

3. Plug the USB cable to the computer and GC. When the option window comes up, select "Connect to PC".

4. A window should pop up in Windows, that gives you options. Choose "Open Folder to View Files".

5. Navigate to the /Geocaches folder. Copy the PQ .gpx file here.

6. Navigate to the Waypoints folder. Copy the wpts.gpx file here.

7. Disconnect the cable, and the GC should restart. You should see all of your caches on the list.

8. Also of note, the GC will hold 10,000 caches. I, however, delete all of the gpx files in mine, and do a clean load every time. Easier for me to keep track of that way.


Hope this helps!



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