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SUBMITTED (28755) - [FEATURE] When viewing a PQ on the map, show only the caches in the PQ

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Hi all


Is there any way to not show any caches other than those generated from a search, for example a pocket query?


I suspect there is a simple solution, but it would be great if I could ONLY show those caches I'm interested in, in a particular area. So what am I missing?





On the left panel disable all the cache types. Your left with a map full of lightening bolt balloons, but at least it is your PQ. I have noticed it does not show all caches in the PQ, it is after all a beta and we can't expect to work correctly.

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Here's how to display the old-style map, showing only the PQ caches. Use this URL template:




Replace "xxxxxxxxxxx" with the GUID of the PQ. Bookmark it for later use if desired. For example:




To get the GUID, go to your list of PQs and click on the one you're interested in (takes you to the PQ edit page). The URL will be something like:




And there's your GUID.

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Hello Moun10bike,


any idea when the BetaMaps will be out of the beta state and offer at least the functionality the old maps had?

It is really annoying to built these old map links to use the maps...

Why are new features integrated before the old ones are bug free and finished?!?!



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The beta map offers more functionality than the old map in some areas (speed and number of caches shown, for example), while trailing in other areas. However, those differences do not equate to "bugs" - they are instead desired features that have not yet been implemented. The big reason we made the change was to reduce server load of the map, and that has been accomplished in spades. Now we are working to bring back those missing features. There are some technical limitations that must be overcome before we can do that.

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However, those differences do not equate to "bugs" - they are instead desired features that have not yet been implemented.

Love it! Thanks for the chuckle.


Don't make me ban you. :ph34r:

Oh, please no, I promise to be nice. :) I just wish I could have thought of that when I was working on operating systems.

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