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A Noob in the Dark

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Don't be disheartened - You found a nano! - They can be very tricky for a beginner.


I don't know whether you've done your DNF logs for the ones you missed but your early DNF logs can be great to look back on 6, 12 months, 6 years on in your geocaching life, so make them interesting/amusing. They're part of developing your Cacher's Eye.


MrsB :)

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Mrs B is quite right... developing that sixth caching sense is all part of the process and you could go out tomorrow and find every single one you look for!


Also, you WILL find it easier with your GPS. Most (but of course not all) caches - especially those without a recognisable landmark right next to them - are difficult to find without one.


Did you happen to notice if there were any DNFs before yours? It's possible that the caches have been muggled. Also it's worth checking the difficulty ratings on the ones you struggled with. If they have a higher than normal difficulty (anything with 3 or more stars, in fact) then perhaps in a few weeks you'll go back and put your hands right on them!


Courage, mon brave!

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Well im still waiting for my GPS to turn up, but i had itchy feet, so i went out after work to try and grab a few around Plymstock. I just dont think it was my day. Feel a tad disheartened as we had a relatively successful sunday afternoon out hunting. I only managed to find one Cache out of the 4 I searched for, and that was a Nano. :signalviolin:


Thats not too bad. I have had worse days with a decent GPS and a few years experience under my belt. :lol:


I am sure some cachers don't bother to log their DNF's because they don't like owning up to not finding an easy cache. :ph34r:

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Well i revisited my DNF's from my failed night outing, but this time in the daylight, and managed to find them all.


Im now on 31 finds, and still using the trusty OS map, although my Garmin Etrex has now arrived. Just got to work out how to use the dadgum thing now. Is anyone local to Plymouth willing to give me a crash course in ho0w to use it please :rolleyes:

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