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STARTED - [FEATURE] Update PQs and beta map with corrected coordinates

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That is because the functionality of this feature is not complete. An upcoming release will extend the corrected coordinates to PQs, the beta map, and the large map on the cache page.


In the UK most of the references will be to W 000 nn.nnn but the pencil changes them to Eastings. Is it me, or is it a bug?

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I've found that you can edit the coordinates of a cache. Which is a really helpful feature especially for Mystery-Caches.

But the coordinates will only update on the cache page and the small map excerpt, but once you open up the bigger, navigable map they will not be displayed at the changed coordinates. That's quite sad because this is were this feature would probably be most helpful as I (and probably many others) am always planning my caching-tours based on the bigger map.


I'd really appreciate if this great feature was updated!

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