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Geocaching Season?


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I am very new to this sport, and not having much luck at finding the caches. I use a car gps to get close, then a handheld gps. I live in Southern Minnesota, and winter is just starting. We don't have any snow as of yet. Do the people who place these caches retrieve them and quit for the winter? Do they check on them to see if they are still intact?

I have probably looked for more than 10 sites, but only have found 2.

Any ideas?

Thanks - dexnjan

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I live in Ontario, and we cache in the winter. People set out new caches during the winter months.


I personally don't know of any caches that get removed for the winter. I think most people would use the "not winter friendly" attribute if their cache can't be found in the winter. Even with that, I know of some caches that would be under a few feet of snow that still got found by determined cachers.

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I cache in Wisconsin. Winter is great until you get about 2 feet of snow...then the walk to a cache can be dicey. Most caches will be noted with the snowflake attribute if they can be found on winter. I love caching this time of year. It's not too hot, no bugs, and leaves don't obstruct the cache.

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I'm new to geocaching as well and am really looking forward to what winter has in store. Being a university student, I get nearly a month without classes for most of December and some of January. I'm really hoping I'm able to get out and cache, and a little snow certainly won't deter me. I'm glad that its still alive and well in the winter, because I would hate to have to wait months before getting back out there.

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Around here, we're just getting into the best Geocaching season (fall-winter-early spring) because we don't get any snow and it's just too darn hot the rest of the year. I'd much rather cache this time of year than in the heat and humidity. Plus, our woods tend to be very jungle-like in the spring and summer, so that type of cache is much easier to get to when the foliage dies off.

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My wife and I found a cache in Idaho -- Iiguq (GCPZNW) that was along a cross-country skiing route. We found it during the summer but the cache was high enough off the ground to be findable during the winter by folks on skis. Where I live the winter gets WET but it almost never snows and it never sticks if it does snow. Caches in the surrounding hills never get pulled during the winter. Folks can look for them or not at their own discretion. I searched for a cache one time that I really wanted to find but the snow was just toooooooooo much for us on that one. Sadly, I've never been back to look for it during summer conditions. Hopefully someday...........

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The one thing to watch is where suddenly quite difficult caches across water can become tempting due to the frozen conditions. Just came back from Wisconsin on holiday and it was the most perfect conditions - no snow, but cold enough to stop all but the most determined insects.

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