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Hello everyone! Newbie here looking for some more help. I have only used an iPhone for my geocaching. I have a cache I would like to go for this weekend, problem is the location isn't really on a street grid. I had a fellow Geocacher send me a few files that they think will help me. Problem is I have no idea how to use a .mps/.gdb/.gpx file...or really I don't even know what they are. So my first question is what are they? And second question is how can I use them on my iPhone to help me find this cache. (All my iphone activity will be offline!).

Thanks in advance for your help!

PS quick question...once you place a cache and then register it..how long till it shows up online?

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You don't need any files from a fellow cacher. Pull up the cache you want to visit and mark it as a favorite. This will save it offline in your saved tab on the official geocaching app. Now being "offline" you won't have maps but all you need is the compass screen anyway.


BTW the .gpx format is one you should familiarize yourself with as well as the PM only tool that creates them. Get yourself familier with Pocket Queries (PQ).



They allow you to do a detailed search and get up to 1000 caches in a single file. Use the PQ tab in the app to downlaod the caches to your phone and your ready to go. The format the PQ puts everything into is the .gpx format. When you finally get a good handheld GPSr you will be using PQs quite often.

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