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How/why did you start collecting?


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I find geocoins very interesting. I am curious on how/why did you start collecting and why? I was hooked after seeing my first few coins in the wild. It was hard to hold something like a coin, and let it pass through your fingers. I always enjoy helping all travelers fulfill their mission, but I wanted my own to enjoy. I simply look for coins of interest without any aspirations of monetary gain.

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Most people started the same way. My first was a nontrackable, or it was trackable on a cache group's specific site. It was a group coin but the tracking number was serialized and related to the cacher who had ordered it. A couple of years later I found a trackable one.... oooooo so shiny and prettty. The rest is pretty much cookie cutter. Welcome to the madness.

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I became interested in geocoins before I knew what geocaching was. I was doing a Google image search on Elfish writing when I found a picture of this coin:




I was immediately captivated with these things called "geocoins" and wanted to know more. The second geocoin that I ever saw was this one also made by the same artist:




I started looking at web sites with geocoins and making purchases. That was in 2009. Now that it is 2011, I own over 500 coins and have minted six different designs.

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:D since I am a coin and banknotes and coupon, and token and militaria and.so many other things.... collector... it was very easy to be addicted! :laughing: especially if I became a cacher because of a geocoin! While I was searching in Ebay to find original coins in cheap prices to see if I can buy any... I fell on an auction about the first greek geocoin! I loved it... I wanted to find more info and here I am! :D when I found the fist coin in a cache..I started to like geocoins a lot! a brother of the coin I found in a cache for the first time... is in my collection! Unfortynately the one I found was lost after a couple of years in Northern Europe! :( At last... a big push was when I won my first geocoins in cointests here in the forum.... well... that was it... there is no cure now! :laughing:
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I remember how I started really well, because it wasn't that long ago! After having had the pleasure of moving a couple of coins from cache to cache, I decided that I wanted one that I could keep on me and use to track my personal mileage between caches. I saw the Utah National Parks Council Centennial geocoin for the BSA and really liked the design and also the fact that it celebrated the Boy Scouts' Anniversary. After picking it up, I started seeing other coins that I just had to have!

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We met Avroair at an event and innocently said "What is that"?


He then introduced us to Atlantagal and Moop.


It was at that point Joe had to get the second job :shocked:



The allure of geocaching in the early days and how these came to be, personal items, traded amongst fellow cachers drew us in. The early coins which had the personality and sometimes the story of the owner is what we liked, still like, and still collect. :)

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