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High School History Caches

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I was talking with some cacher about using caching in history classes. Most US states I have visited have historical markers. Besides hiding caches at these historical markers, has anyone developed a lesson plan?

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I am looking for some help. Here is an idea that history teachers in my area have developed. I need some help fixing it so it would pass reviewer standards and get listed. How do we make this one work? :yikes:


Guilford County Historical Marker Challenge


The cache IS located at the posted coordinates. There is a challenge component requested to be completed before logging this find. Please read.


North Carolina has the oldest and most extensive historical marker program in the United States. The state historical marker program was begun to help reduce the duplication of monuments, statues and markers from numerous organizations. A state registry was established to record the conditions and type of monuments already established as well as set guidelines for new markers.


To date, over 1400 historical markers, with at least one in every county spread from coast to mountain; from border to border.


To be eligible to log this cache, you must locate any five historical markers in Guilford County listed at Waymarking.com. Once you have visited the five historical markers, proceed to the cache. In your log, list the markers you visited and which was your favorite and why. Share this information with others online to encourage them to visit these markers.


To claim this challenge

1) Find at least state historical markers in Guilford County from Waymarking.com.

2) List the name of the each marker, the coordinates and a summary of the marker information.

3) Write which marker was your favorite and why,

4) (optional) post a picture of you or your GPS at your favorite marker

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I am a history teacher and I made this cache.




However, I did it just for fun. Now one thing you will notice about the CA markers is their photos and descriptions are easily found online. So one could literally find all of the data they need from the desk chair. That is why I went and found numbers near the sites on telephone poles, road signs, and other spots to use in calculating my final coordinates. That way they have to go out and actually look in the right spot.

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