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Separator for sigs

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This is a very, very fine point, but I think it's still worth mentioning.


Currently, there is nothing separating the body of a post from a sig. I have seen several instances where a humorous sig was taken as a sarcastic jab that was part of the post. I've even seen the fallout of such a misunderstanding carried on for several posts afterward, taking the discussion from somewhat civilized debate to personal flamewar.


Again, an extremely fine point, but it has had consequences and caused bad vibes. Even if nothing can be done about it, at least maybe folks will consider that that last sentence may just be a sig, not an insult.

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Originally posted by Warm Fuzzies

Make the text part of the image. I hear that people with modems love that.


Trying to get something started, eh Fuzzy? Pick on us poor defenseless slow 28.8K folk...

(I object, but like I've said elsewhere, you have at least as much right to be here as I do.)


I do like your idea Dru, maybe Infopop has some info on a way around it? I suppose if they add too many features, it'd make it hard for those less knowledgeable on the subject though. I wonder if you could fake it by adding the pic to the bottom of your avatar instead? Of course then the text would be way down ...


As far as the original topic, I like it in italic like mine.


Warning: Objects in GPS may be closer than they appear!

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