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STARTED (25015) - [FEATURE] Mystery support and integration into pocket querys

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Hi All,


I'd wanted to suggest a new feature for the geocaching.com site and I am pretty sure, that I'm not alone with this one.


Just now, when we are solving Mystery Caches we post the target coordinates into the NOTES section of a cache. Trouble here is, that I cannot "port" this section to my GPS device via a pocket query.


I'd really love to see the feature, that I could attach coordinates to a mystery cache that can only be seen privately (Similar for Notes, but only for coordinates) Also this coordinates should override the coordinates provided by the listing so that pocket querys generate a result, that can be directly used with the GPS device. Also these results can help improving pocket queries that are used by planning to find caches along a route.


A flag that indicates whether this cache is using overridden coordinates or original coordinates would just be another fine gimmick for iPhone or Android Applications. Off course the map on the cache listing should reflect the entered coordinates.


So what do you think about this?


best regards, comkomm

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Sounds like allot of work to get implement. It may not be possible to do without a total revamp on the PQ system.


The way i see it is i rarely go after puzzle caches. When i do its taken a good bit of effort on my end before i even consider going after it. So its no problem for me to take the PQ that includes the cache, open it in GSAK/Easy GPS and edit the cache listing myself before sending the PQ to my unit. As for multies most of those can be done on the fly and the coords on the page typically take you to the first stage.

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I noticed today that I have a pen next to the coordinates where I can write the right coordinates, then it shows the right place on the small map too. But the large map shows the original place. I haven't tried to transfer it to my gps because we have an other site that already has this feature, so I haven't tried it further.


But I have some Groundspeak addons, so it may have come that way, I have to check later.

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I'm pretty sure this is already in the works. From the release notes for the recent update:

Update Mystery and Multi-cache Coordinates


In this release we make it possible for Basic and Premium Members to add "corrected" coordinates to Mystery and Multi-caches. Visit the cache page and click the pencil icon next to coordinates, paste your new coordinates in the field and submit. That's it! The new coordinates will be hidden from others so there is no reason to fear spoiling the final location. When you download the GPX from the cache your new coordinates are included. (Please note: Pocket Queries will include only the original cache coordinates for now, however that functionality will be added in a followup release).


See also:


SUBMITTED (31915, 32062) - [FEATURE] Caches with corrected coordinatess should move on the map and get a new icon


[FEATURE] Original coordinates as waypoint

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Work on this is already underway. You can now "correct" the coordinates on multi and puzzle caches using a dedicated feature for that purpose (which is separate from the "Personal Cache Notes" feature). In upcoming releases, you will be able to correct all cache types and see those corrections in PQs, on the map, and via the API.

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yes, this seems to work. I tried that and I was able to "correct" a location and the new coordinates are now printed italic. So step 1 is done (although I'd wish it would be more clear that I've changed coordinates manually).

Step 2 would be that those manipulated coordinates would be updated in my PQs as welll. I'll stay tuned and hope they'll fix that, soon.


Thanks for your responses :)


best regards - comkomm

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When I first spotted this the other day, I corrected some co-ordinates and the new co-ordinates appeared on the large Beta map, but not the small cache page inset map.

Now when I correct some co-ordinates the location is changed on the small inset map but not on the large Beta map, although the co-ordinates I had previously corrected are still in the right place on the large map.

Having the corrected co-ordinates show on the Beta map perhaps in a different colour to show they are corrected would be really useful.

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