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Garmin 62ST APRS questions

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Like several others, I ended up buying the 'wrong-way' 90-degree power/data cable for the Oregon/Colorado series, and tried to wire it up to my Kenwood D7. So far, I have yet to coax one ounce of serial data out of this thing, despite setting the unit to NMEA in/out and wiring up the cable properly. Testing it with a multimeter shows that I get +4.8V steady on the white (serial data in) wire with the yellow (serial data out) wire being the ground. I get about +6V steady on the green (data ground) wire with the yellow wire being the ground. I didn't figure these voltages would be steady,

I tried this both with my D7 and with my HamHUD to make sure that the D7's GPS port wasn't bad. I've read that it may require an RS-232 to TTL level converter. First of all, is that converter required? If not, where did I screw up?

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