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Never even heard of this before tonight.

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After exploring the website seems like it would be a blast and fun for my whole family. Any clubs near New Straitsville, Ohio?



There is a Meet and Greet in Lancaster on Sunday Nov 20 check this out. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=b348ff29-2313-4f79-8331-f9fd76d00d9d# Really good place to meet some of the local cachers. They are a friendly group and can answer most of your questions and LOVE to talk caching. I am planning on attending myself with hubby. We are from Somerset,

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Welcome to the addiction. It really is an amazing hobby to have, since you can nearly always manage to find a cache, no matter how much time you have, or who is in your group. Something for everyone!

LOL according to this website, there are a few of them within a few hundred feet of my house

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If you would contact me ahead of time and want to come to Somerset to meet me I have several caches hidden in this area and around New Lexington that I could help you find to get a feel for the game. Send me an email and we could make arrangements to meet. If you don't have a gps I could load the caches into mine and we could use mine to locate the caches. That would give you some idea as to how this all works. Let me know.

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