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Cartridge problems with Samsung Galaxy S2

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I do have the whereyougo android on my Samsung Galaxy S2.

For some strange reason I can't download some cartridges. I try to find these on the phone but can't find the whereyougo file on the phone.

Who knows how to solve this?


1. You must have a sdcard

2. Download the cartridges on your desktop : if you download them directly on the phone, they will not work

3. Put the cartridges in the whereyougo folder on your sdcard

4. Launch whereyougo : the cartridges are playable now

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We don't have a sdcard in our phone. We tought it is not needed ?! We have downloaded whereyougo from the androidmarket and have a couple of Wherigo's working. Don't know why now a couple of these are not working. And most of all why can't I find the whereyougo folder on the phone. It should be somewhere. (I tried with the searchbutton too)


Do I overlook something?

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S2, no SD card inserted. I've downloaded the WhereYouGo app and when I start it, it tells me I need to download a cartridge. All good so far. I've downloaded the tutorial cartridge to my desktop but not sure where to place the file on the phone. I can't see any reference to WhereYouGo in the folders of the phone. I've read I must have an SD card inserted. Is this correct? Will the app create the file location on the SD card for me or do I have to create the file path. If so, what is it?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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This easiest way I've found to download a cartridge and use the whereyougo app on my Galaxy S3 is to download the following - Google Chrome Browser and Download All Files. Both apps are free and they help enormously. The android browser only downloads cartridges as "htm" for some reason, however google chrome will download the proper "gwc" file. Simply download the cartridge in Google Chrome, MOVE the cartridge to the "whereyougo" folder using Download All Files (if there is no whereyougo folder on your phone, simply create one). Now, when you open whereyougo and press start....voila!

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I found a solution to my problem!! First of all, the issue......


On my S2, when I go to <Applications> then click on the <My files> folder, a whole lot of folders appear including one called "external_sd". When I click on that folder up comes the WhereYouGo folder.


Now, when I connect my phone to the PC, I see a number of folders however "external_sd" is not one of them so there is no way to transfer a cartridge (that I downloaded to my PC) to the WhereYouGo folder because it is not visible. Obviously, there is a setting on the phone or the PC that is preventing the folder from showing up.



Transfer the cartridge to a folder you can see (in my case, the "download" folder on the phone. Go into the "My files" folder on my phone and move the cartridge to the WhereYouGo folder in the now visible external_sd folder.


Everything is now working. Simple!

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