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SWAG item idea needs a little tweaking..

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So I have all these baseball cards.. I'm talking a LOT of baseball cards, that I would like to put in some caches as swag items. They're in mint condition, and I'd like them to stay that way until someone trades for them at the cache. I don't want to give away the individual card holders, but I don't want them to get wet, soggy, bent, or moldy.


I could put them in a binder, and leave them in one cache only, but most people plan on trading for items that are only a dollar or two, and just bring enough to trade for that. Plus, that kind of takes away some of the fun.


How can I preserve the cards within each cache without giving away individual card holders?

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I collect baseball cards as well and have often left them in caches. I usually but two cards in a soft plastic card sleeve and put them in the cache. I have found the soft plastic sleeves for sale for about 2-3 bucks for a pack of 100. The cards I leave in caches are of players that don't have a lot of value so I don't worry too much about them staying in mint condition, I just don't want them to get wet or soggy. If you didn't want to do the soft sleeve thing you could always put a stack of them in a small ziplock bag and put them in the cache. They might not stay in perfect condition with them loose in a bag but non collectors aren't going to care. My nephews would be way excited if they found some cards in a cache, even if the corners were a little dinged up.

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Good ideas. I like the suggestion of the soft sleeve card holders, now that I know you can find a good deal. I didn't want to give away hard cases. Not that I remember how much they are, they're just mine & useful. I also have a big cache going out that I need to fill, so I'll be putting a lot of them in a lock & lock & putting them in there as well. Then, when the baseball cards are all taken, the lock & lock will be swag as well. Sounds good.


As long as they don't turn into unrecognizable soggy balls of mold!

Thank you.

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