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[FEATURE] Verify Mystery and Multi-Caches

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There are some sites providing geocheckers, but it's up to the owner to create them.

Here in Finland geocache.fi provides that service (for finnish caches), and many uses it.


You only insert the coordinates that you think is right, and the checker gives you the answer if it's wrong or right, and if right, a message that the owner has provided. Protected so you can't check more that 10 coordinates / 10 minutes, or you are banned from the checker.

But I've seen other places too, with other options like e.g http://www.geochecker.com/

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A built-in solution checker might be a nice optional feature. It could be tied to the puzzle solution waypoint, which would avoid the situation where the CO updates the coordinates in the waypoint but not in the solution checker (or vice versa). And it could even be tied to the new corrected coordinates feature.


But it should remain optional. Not all puzzle cache owners want a checker. Not all puzzles need a checker. And some puzzles don't even use coordinates to locate the final (although they do use accurate GPS coordinates elsewhere in the hunt, per the guidelines).

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Sorry for bringing up such an old thread. But I just wanted to bring up this suggestion (some aspects are similar to niraD's post).




Integrate a geochecker in Groundspeak. At least optional.



#1 Less performance issues when corrected coords are shown on map (at some time in the future).

#2 User does not has to solve a puzzle again or re-input the custom coords when an owner moves the container.


Explanation for #1:

Most certainly Groundspeak has a global cache database optimized for the fast map display of geocaches. Perhaps the coordinates are optimized/grouped into tiles. Not graphical tiles like on google maps but a similar structure/hierarchy would make sense.


Such methods usually do not easily allow to integrate user-individual coordinates. But the final coordinates of mysteries and also multis are known to Groundspeak. They may anyhow normally not be revealed.


If a users custom coordinates are verified equal to the stored final coordinates then Groundspeak could access them in a similar optimized (but filtered) way from a global database.


Explanation for #2:

This is obvious. For me the time between solving and actually finding a mystery varies between days and months. If the owner has moved/corrected the cache coordinates after I have set the custom coords, I usually won't notice. With a verified final coord Groundspeak could automate this.


OK, this won't work if the original cache was archived and newly listed.


I hope this was understandable. My English is surely not perfect.

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On the one hand, this would be a good optional feature. Enough people use Geochecker and the like that obviously there's a demand for it.


On the other hand, is it worth dedicating the programming resources? Enough people already use the free checkers provided by third parties that I have to wonder if it's worth Groundspeak spending time to develop their own, or spending money to acquire someone else's, Especially when the third party programs like Geochecker make it so easy to plug the necessary HTML right into a cache description.

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Geocaching.com obviously has a problem displaying "solved" mysteries on the big map.


Those geocheckers that already exist are indeed good enough. My intention was to let Groundspeak directly "know" that a user has solved a mystery. Once for optimizing the map display and later maybe when the coordinates are corrected/moved by the owner at some time.

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