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I see some kind of misunderstanding between us. Yes i have some of them (souvenirs) but my question is about the new ones such as mentioned France, Spanish, Danish, Iceland, Ethiopia, Jar etc. etc. Now there are only few of them (I regularly refresh the list of them on Czech GeoWiki - http://wiki.geocaching.cz/wiki/Souvenirs ) but mainly about MegaEvents or about North America and because I'm Czech (and European) citizen I want souvenirs from my neighbouring states and countries. After I had spotted that there are pictures of new souvenirs officially showed by GS on its flickr page, my question is: When will be on gc.com these new souvenirs available? There's no information about this stuff...

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OK. I didn't understand that you only asked about new ones, as you wrote "What's new with souvenirs?".


Forget my stupidity. :)


Finland isn't published yet neither.


Sorry :) It could be "What's new with new souvenirs?" :D


Btw it's more than 20 new souvenirs - so I've sent an email to GS and now I'm waiting for some kind of response....

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Little bit sad answer:


Hello there, Thank you for contacting Groundspeak. Due to other projects on our plate, developing and implementing new souvenirs to our site has been put on hold. I apologize for this inconvenience and I hope that as these projects finish up we will be able to move on to souvenirs.


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