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SUBMITTED (31995) - [BUG] new feature to correct puzzle co-ords doesn't work for coords near the meridian

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If you use the new feature to correct the co-ords of a puzzle cache which is within 1 degree west of the meridian the site switches the co-ords from west to east.




N 51 01.234, W000 01.234


will be changed to


N 51 01.234, E000 01.234


anything with non zero degrees in the westings seems to work OK though.

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I've found a problem when trying to enter a corrected coordinate for a puzzle cache when the new coordinate is near the Greenwich meridian. I'm trying to enter W0° nn.nnn but the website asks me to confirm E0° nn.nnn. I can't see a way to force a change to West. I can only accept the incorrect coordinate or cancel the change.

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Hi there. Have had a look for a similar thread but can't see one.


I have solved a couple of puzzle caches over the last couple of days and have tried to update the coordinates (using the new feature) to store the actual cache location via the website. However there seems to be a bug. The longitude marker seems to default to E and I can't get the site to recognise a westing co-ordinate. I.e. I type in the coordinates and the site recognises it fine apart from transferring W xxx xx.xxx to E xxx xx.xxx


Given that I live my the prime meridian this could be quite confusing if I hadn't noticed.

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