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it seems that state maps combining both the delorme and county outlines would be a huge benefit to those trying to do both challenges at once.

has anyone putsoomething likethis together?


It depends on the state you are atalking about and which mapping program you'd liek to use. Many differnet overlays exist for the Washington State Delorme Challenge on the cache page for Google Earth, Mapsource, etc. There is no similar overlay for the Washington State Counties Challenge but one could probably be mad epy using th epolygon tool in GSAK.

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Once you load your pocket query into GSAK and install the right macros, it actually does all the work for you -- all you need to do is pick which maps you want it to run. But fair enough, not for everyone.


I do high and low tech. I use GSAK at home, but not at the office. I've got a cheapo paper Alabama map at work I use for when I have a moment to plan Delorme/county caching trips. I just took a ruler and a copy of the index map for the Delorme Alabama atlas and sketched out a grid of about where the Delorme grid falls. When I get a county I fill it in with yellow highlighter, when I get a Delorme page I X it out. It might not be exact, but it gets the job done -- all I need to know at the start is whether a cache is in the right general area.

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