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GPSr Trade up

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I'm waiting for either the Garmin Minnesota or one of the eastern states. :laughing:


Of course a Garmin Québec (or one of the other provinces) would be ideal! :anibad:


But seriously, I'm not in the market to upgrade any time soon. I'm very happy with my Oregon 300. My wife happened to win an Oregon 450, and I rather like the notion of having 2000 waypoints and 5000 caches, however the 1000/2000 capacity of mine has never caused me any real inconvenience.


If I had anything lesser, I'd likely go for the 450. The 550 has a camera, but I don't really find that necessary.


The other perks, are that it has a touch screen (this can be a challenge in the winter if you're not used to it), and I generally find that more user friendly. It's chirp compatible, and you can beam caches/waypoints/etc. to other Oregon/Dakota/Colorado/(Possibly Map62, though I can't remember) users. I don't use it very often, but the Oregon is also Wherigo compatible.


One thing I don't like though, is that you can't make notes in the calendar. If that's my biggest gripe, I think that it's obvious that I'm very happy with my unit.

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A couple have mentioned a problem with the touch screen in cold temps. Have you noticed that?


Yes, I have noticed that. It really only becomes an issue when you're trying to enter something in (be it text or co-ordinates). Panning on the map has never been an issue for my. What I've found is that you have to touch slightly above where you normally would, though I suspect it might be slightly different on other units.


For example, if I try to hit M (which comes up when I'm putting the time into my field notes), it will think I hit Q (the letter immediately beneath it) in cold weather. Once you get used to it, you figure out where to touch pretty quickly.

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I don't have specific suggestions, but the features I'll look for most in my next GPSr will be:

- modern high-sensitivity receiver (should be a given)

- easy download of PQ data and upload of field notes

- support for MacOS (both for download/upload and firmware updates)

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The other half would like a large screen with a VERY easy (in any light) to read 'compass' type pointer/dial. I would like it to support PQs & field notes for paperless caching.

Suggestions ??


Far as I know, the Montana series has the biggest screen of any hand held GPSr. Matter of fact, it takes 3 batteries to run the thing. And, being a Garmin, I'll assume it's a solid device otherwise.



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My first geocaching GPS'r was a garmin GPSMAP60 then last year I upgraded to a 62st but it didn't have the Wherigo player so last week I bought a 450 on ebay so I can do Wherigo caches. the 62st and the 450 are similar in many ways but I will be using them in conjuction with one another when one falls short the other will take up the slack. Such as at night the 62's screen will go dark like a automotive GPS but the 450 has yet to do that and I just get the daytime screen 24/7 and it is too bright to use while driving if it is plugged into the car adaptor. So for now my GPSr buying days are over.

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