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Anyone speak German AND English?


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We had a travelbug in a cache in Germany and the cache has been archived.


The cache is called: Hütten-Gaudi 1 (Herbstlicher Brettspiel-Abend)




I think this may have been an event cache but we don't speak German and don't know what has happened to the cache or the travel bugs that were in it. Ours was the "Muffled Universe" travel bug.


If anyone can help us translate what has happend we would sure appreciate it!


Thanks in advance, TeamNVAZ

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Yep this was a regular event, one dedicated to playing games (board games, card games...)


Nothing special about it. Unfortunately it's quite common for TBs to get "lost" at events. I'm with fitzsimons, send a message to the CO and ask them to find out what's going on (they can still post an announcement to the listing). I can help translate if he doesn't understand.


And why was this posted in the Luxembourg forum?

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