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Apisphere Geomate Jr. Handheld Geocaching GPS - Update cable


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I am trying to figure out just what the update cable will do. ie where and how does it get the data to update? Why is it so expensive? Where can I purchase online? Is it some sort of proprietary connector or software included in the cable?


I know very well how to use my Garmin Oregon 450. It is hard to find them available online and I am hoping that the update cable will allow me to push pocket queries onto this GPS unit. Sad that my son purchased it and it really does not get use much because it is so outdated anytime he goes with me it is not certain to be in his GPS.

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I can say from a tech point of view, that the cable is a serial to USB converter. I do not know why they did not just put a USB port on the GPS. Maybe to get more $'s for addon's like the cable. They do not sell it directly, so you have to look around. ie. REI carries them. I am just waiting for someone to reverse engineer the cable and provide a free software solution.

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The cable is used to update the geomate jr. automatically from the mygeomate.com website. You have to first download and install a small program from their website, then plug the cable in, select which region of the country you want caches from (the US it splits in 3 parts for example), then click update and in a few minutes it updates the geomate jr.


DO be CAREFUL with the cable though, it goes in kind of tight and is easy to bend it when it finally goes in. There really needs to be a standard made for these mini cables even mini-usb cables so often vary its maddening.

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G'day MMmm!! This is Waz from Geomate.jr. I thought I might help with some of your questions. With the Geomate.jr Update Kit you can: Update your Geomate.jr with the latest US geocaches as often as you want (250,000 geocaches at a time), load complete cache lists for any country around the world (for example, you can load every geocache in Europe with one click!), load pocket queries to the Geomate.jr, or even create your own private geocache list (for birthdays or special events). It's also good to know that there is no additional upload charges or subscription fees and you can use one Update Kit with as many other Geomate.jr's as you want. You could jump the fence and use your neighbors if you wanted! You can get a bit more information about the Geomate.jr Update Kit here: http://www.mygeomate.com/update_kit.html


Oh, and I should also ad that we synchronize our lists and updates with geocaching.com every 24hrs at around midnight. I hope this helps!

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