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Android Apps for Geocaching

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I have recently joined the Android world, and although the phone will never be the primary geocaching device (the Oregon 550 will remain for that purpose), I want to play with an Android app or two, just for fun.


Not really interested in splashing out $10 for the GC app (but I may), so am really looking at the free apps in the A Market.


What is recommended?

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Second c:Geo - I have used it sucessfully in the past.


I have used Locus as well - allows you to create maps for offline use with Mobile Atlas Creator and you can store your PQ's as well if you want to save on data costs.




Something I have not tried is GDAK - it uses databases greated in GSAK - http://www.appbrain.com/app/geocaching-droid-army-knife/nl.wlsoft.tfnxDroid


A cheaper paid app other than the Groundspeak app is NeonGeo ($4.29). I have read some good reviewas on this. http://www.appbrain.com/app/neongeo-geocaching/com.neongeo.app

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I use GDAK all the time. I have a complete database with logs, grabbed images, spoiler pics from +6000 caches in my area. It is very fast. On my HTC Desire c:geo is very slow when handling more then 500 caches.


And you are right: use a real GPS for navigating, use the Android device as a tool.

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My first 200-and-some-change caches were found using C:GEO or Geobeagle... C:GEO is the easiest IMO because all you need to do is enter your GC login details and it loads everything for you on the fly. A big bonus with these apps is the use of Google satellite views :)


I've never heard of GDAK before, so taking a look at it now ;)

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I love c:geo as well.


But I don't download PQ to it. Seems to slow it down. But hten again I use a HTC Wildfire, and it is a little under powered.

I use my data plan, and get the "live" map, most often.


I use it to such an extent that I no longer do HTML exports from GSAK to my phone. I just use c:geo in the field for hint and descriptions when required.

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Browsing the web a little last night I came across a new Android app called NeonGeo.

It has some great reviews and looking at the Market Place it costs 3 Euro, or R32.50 (2011-12-06).


I bought it this morning, and tried it out over lunch time, sitting here in the office.

It uses the GS Live API, and from the little I played with it it is very responsive even on my entry level HTC Wildfire.

Caches load very quickly. There are no long pauses. One can log caches and TB from the app. I'll try that on my next outing.

Also the compass is overlaid on the map. Very neat.


The main reason I want a app on the phone is to get the newly publishes caches fast and easily, as well as checking for logs / hints which my eTrax doesn't support


I'll play with it over the next few days and give more feedback if anyone is interested, but for R32.50 (or the price of a single hamburger) you cant go wrong.

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A question for the guys that downloaded NEONGEO

I just downloaded the app but cannot get it to log into my geocaching.com account. It tells me to check the date and time and try again! How do you check the date and time to see if it is the same as the phone?

Oh oh .. .this vaguely rings a bell. I had the same problem I think.

I seem to remember I had to do something else first and then come back to neongeo, and then it worked.

I'm sure there must have been something on the net I must have read that got it solved for me. I'll see if I can track it down. If I do I'll let you know.

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Thanks! That was the tread I started on the neongeo forum Now that I think about it it could be the wifi. I'm offshore at the moment. My phone timezone is West Africa time. Our wifi is satalite based out of the UK so it is differentnt timezone.

I'll have to wait until I'm off the rig and then try to connect with the phone network.

Thanks for all the help

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