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Name some 'must do' caches within 1-2 hrs drive of Alexandria VA

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I'm from the UK and I visit Alexandria, VA several times a year. I nearly always arrive on a weekend with time to kill, and I've pretty much done all the typical touristy things in the area.


So the next time I'm over, I want to get out and do some caching. I'm no so bothered about numbers, I'd much rather spend the entire day walking to one or two epic geocaches than bagging one every quarter mile. I also want to get out of the DC area and see some scenery!


If it helps narrow things down


  • I'll do this on a Sunday in mid November
  • A non-caching friend will be driving me, would like to be in a location within 1-2 hrs drive of Alexandria
  • I'm happy walking around 15 miles in hilly terrain (longer if it's a flat area, but flat isn't very 'epic'!)
  • One scenic circular route would be good, or a handful of smaller routes within a short driving distance of each other
  • Want accomplish this during daylight hours, of which where are just 10 in November


Advice of any local cachers much appreciated :)

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You may want to visit the Northern Virginia Geocaching Organization (NoVAGO) at




Alexandria is part of their caching area, and the hiders are all online there.


You have to register (it is free) to post a topic, but I would guarantee you would get a nice list of caches from the cachers there.


Good luck!

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