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I could not find an area to say hello to all you other members. So, I'll do it here. Today is my first day and I am looking forward to many more. I was within 29 feet of my first cache. However, I did not have on long pants (lost to much blood) to make it through. I will do it again tommorrow.


Take care and remember: "If You are not out there looking, You won't see anything!!!"



(Warren, warren and anything warren was taken)

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Welcome to Geocaching.com, geo-warren!


I hope you enjoy the sport as much as myself. Only started three weeks ago, and I've already become hooked. Not really sure what winter will bring, though...hopefully caches aren't much more difficult to find then...but I don't mind digging through some snow!


Hope to hear from you on the forums.




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Ahhhhh... winter!


No bugs or snakes (don't go believing that poison ivy is dead, it's only dormant and can still do its' thing -- only now you can't really recognize it).


Winter opens the door for new possibilities, likewise closing the door on others. Winter is neither good nor bad, just different. Ice coatings... well, that is a distinctly different proposition.

In snowbound areas, geocaching may slow a bit, but for those that do not fear winter, they see a whole new world. One can utilize the tracks left by another geocacher, they can get to caches that at other times are out of their reach -- one that otherwise requires a boat, or the snow depth actually allows them to physically reach further (some areas better than others), utilize skis or a snowmobile for that long trek over arduous terrain.


Welcome to the adventure.

If you don't have any wool clothing, now is a good time to think about it. Nature's finest snow/cold beater (mankind still has not bested it!).


Then too, you could think of winter as a precursor to spring! :)

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Welcome to the forums and to geocaching! We were talking yesterday about getting caching cargo pants that have the zip off legs. Most of the time I wear jeans or whatever is most comfortable. Glad you were so close to your first find - let us know how you get on, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

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We were talking yesterday about getting caching cargo pants that have the zip off legs.

A big +1 for these - bought some from the auction site that must not be named, and sadly they arrived 2 days too late for my holiday to Florida, so got stung and bitten terribly there!

I wear them a lot when caching in the UK, even though the weather is rubbish at the moment, but handy for getting into water :)

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