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Travellers departing Cape Town

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Actually, Team Zenboom, I think this is a GREAT idea. You don't HAVE to post, but if you need to its there... Case in point, my first TB was placed in the wildly popular Hidding Security TB Hotel in Cape Town in August with a desire to go to Auckland for the Rugby WC. After 3 months it moved 200kms in four caches ending up less than a km from my house in a quiet back-of-the-woods-kind-of-cache (well after the end of the competition it was supposed to see)! So maybe I was a bit ambitious with its goals, but I did contact both cachers who picked it up and explained the urgency. The first returned it (kindly), the second flippantly held it without moving for over a month, then hid it in a random spot.

But I digress ... Once I get a new mission for it, I'll definately consider posting here - who knows, maybe then it'll move out of the City, even...?

PS Where'd you drop your London TB? I know a cacher going that way in a few weeks.

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