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Geocaching in Science


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There will be a geocaching 101 session at the North Carolina Science Teacher Association meeting in Greensboro, NC this Friday, November 11. For more info, visit NCSTA website at NCSTA.ORG


A special treat: Groundspeak will have an exhibitor booth!

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I worked with another teacher over the weekend to develop a geocaching lab activity. Similar to what the physical education or gym class is doing but with a little more accountability. Tested it this week with three classes and fine tuned it a bit more. Here is what we came up with. The locations are for my school campus. You can change the coordinates for your own school grounds.Geocaching Lab.pdf

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Great - but why limit to 2 Earthcaches - when these are probably the most "scientific" of the caching types?


Also - I would suggest some key focus questions on the presentation for learning ideas - e.g. relating to maps, other tools possible (compass bearings etc.), satellite and geo-stationary concept.

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