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Should a Fire Dept Museum be a virtual cache?

HappyFrog (& gang)

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The following is a Fire Dept Museum in Victorville, CA which is the Mojave Desert. I have been told to get the ideas of the public, because I was told that it did not mean the guidelines for a virtual cache posting.


The details that I posted for the cache page are as follows: This museum is dedicated to the preservation of Station No. One, as well as the collectiona and display of firefighting equipment and memorabilia. It is also a depository for historic information of the Victorville Fire Department. Many artifacts date from the 1930's and include two pieces of apparatus known to have been used in Victorville. The admission is free. This site is usually open only on the weekends and is manned by firemen who volunteer their time.


I feel that this cache is a historic interest to both firefirers and the community that I live in, which is different from everyday items that you would visit.


Virtual Cache Posting Guidelines:

A virtual cache must be novel, of interest to other players, and have a special historic, community or geocaching quality that sets it apart from everyday subjects. Items that would be in a coffee table book are good examples. A flagpole, manhole cover, tree, etc., are poor examples (with a possible exception: A flagpole at a memorial or a particularly novel flagpole would be ok, or an especially unique tree would count). Conversely, a scavenger hunt posted as a virtual cache would not be ok. If you don't know what is appropriate, post a question to the forums first.


My question and that of the person who wishes to approve the cache is do you think that this should be a virtual cache? I stated that I would not be able to place a physical cache at this site and since it is in the "city" with miles of the Mojave Desert to place physical caches that this would be a good virtual cache site. What do you think and why?



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